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in secret we met, in silence i grieve

that thy heart could forget

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5 second silence, 80's music, ace ventura, alkaline trio, american eagle, baked goods, band camp, being a girl, being accident prone, being awesome at everything, being little, being loud, ben and jerry nights, best friends, billy joel, billy joel concerts, bonefish grill, boys with british accents, brand new, broadway, buddy the fish, burnside project, candy necklaces, causing trouble, chip the fish, chocolate covered bananas, chocolate covered strawberries, chris kattan movies, colorguard, conan o'brien, cool ways to die, dancing, danny masterson, dashboard, dating the older guys, death cab for cutie, dominic monaghan, dramatic movies, fast cars, film and television production, finch, flip flops, fraggle rock, frou frou, ghost world, guster, hal sparks, happy farm animals, hardcore black friday shopping, having expensive taste, hollywood, hugs, kevin james, kissing, latenight tv, law and order svu, less than jake, life as a house, long bus rides, lord of the rings, making animated icons, matthew good, meeting new people, midtown, monthly rewind, music, music videos, no knife, pedro the lion, piercings, plain white t's, poetry, rain, raspberry, red hair dye, saves the day, say anything, scenery and fish, seth green, shooting stars, sick ink, sleeping, slick shoes, slippers, square 9, star wars, suicide frisbee, summertime running with cin, sweat the small stuff, taking back sunday, taking my time, talking, tattoos, terra nova, the ataris, the dead poets society, the dudley corporation, the faint, the get up kids, the killers, the muppets, the on, the postal service, the promise ring, the shins, the starting line, the used, tim burton, trading spaces, uk basketball, unsung zeros, watching the stars, white beads, winning, winterguard, writing