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he loves cheerios!

So...this is what's been up.

I've decided in the past few weeks that Bonefish isn't the place for me anymore. I'm not going anywhere and I can't afford to live off of $60 a week. There's a new restaurant opening down the street from rowan. TerraNova. I applied there and got a job as a server. Their entree's are ranging from $16-$35 and they're selling 200 wines by the bottle. One of the girls that i work with at BFG is moving there and said the manager told her she'd be walking out with $1,200 a week. This makes me nervous, considering i've never served before. I talked to Mack and told him i had another offer and asked if he had plans to have me serve anytime soon. He said no. So i decided that i had to jump at the opportunity. Over the next week, i convinced not only Bill, but Nick and Dimitri to go over and fill out applications. Bill and Nick both got jobs as well. The three of us told Mack on the same night, Monday. He pretty much said that those two would be welcome back whenever, but i wouldn't. This only furthered my fury. The more I think about it, the more i know i'm making the right decision. I know that i'm gonna miss everyone i work with, but i'll be there enough to not forget about them, and i know that i'll make new friends when i start at terranova. Things have really been looking up since. I start training there on Monday.

Today in film production we signed up for film production II. There's only 18 spots, so what he's doing is only taking those who have maintained a B in his class so far. If there's still more than 18, he's going to take the top 18 GPA's. It's like waiting to hear if i made the team. The emails come on sunday.

Things with Steven have been perfect. I couldn't ask for a better guy to spend all of my time with. I'm finally with someone who puts me at the top of his list, because he knows damn well he's at the top of mine.

i don't know what else to write. :/
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