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the love of my life

so steven and i bought a russian dwarf hamster on sunday, we named him Cookie, and while he's the most adorable thing in the world, i was a little upset with him. He slept all the time, even at night when he was supposed to be active, and he when he was active, he didn't really like us very much. Whenever we would go to pet him, he would squeak and run away. Well...tonight i had a carrot in my hand, and he ate the carrot out of my hand like he would usually do. After that, i put a couple of cheerios in the palm of my hand, and wouldn't you know it, but he walks right into the palm of my hand! I was so happy that i texted steve immediately! :) Now whenever i put my hand in there, he climbs right in!! I'll take pictures sometime soon. :)
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